This album explores the issue of 'legacy'. The idea came after losing my parents within a year of each other and going through all the material 'stuff' left behind. I quickly came to the realisation that the important legacy people leave is that of ideas, of principles, of arts and culture and not of material possessions. It also made me consider what we will pass on to the next generation – a scary thought in these current times, but we have to do what we can. There are many beautiful things in this world – I hope we can preserve the best of them.

Track List

The World's a Gift. This was inspired during a trip to Australia. I had a run (or a very careful walk) through a rainforest in Kuranda, Queensland and was struck by the feeling of a living, breathing forest. The sound of wildlife and the life of the trees was almost overwhelming.

The Weaver's Song. This song harks back to the legacy of Scottish poets and is about the life of Robert Tannahill, Paisley's weaver poet. I have had the great honour to play in the cottage where he lived and worked. He lived around the same time as Burns, and was a sensitive soul. When he learned that his second book of poems had been rejected by the publisher, he threw himself into Candren Burn and sadly ended his life.

Merino Mill Girl. This was written as part of a songwriting project set up by James Grant with Rig Arts in Greenock. I chose this woman's story to write a song about, as it was such a cheerful tale of working in the mill, along with all her pals.

Bonnie Fechter. This is dedicated to my father, who was a Conscientious Objector in the 2nd World War. He had been brought up in the Socialist Sunday School tradition and believed all men and women are our brothers and sisters, therefore he could not be involved in killing. He appeared before various tribunals and was granted a conditional discharge.

We Go High. This is based on a quote from Michelle Obama - “They go low, we go high”.

Millie's Waltz. I heard this played as an accordian tune during Lockdown. A whole story played out in front of me and when I found out it wasn't a song already, I wrote the words.

Tui Bird. While touring in New Zealand, I heard about the Tui Bird, which only lives there. I met a couple who had recorded the Tui Bird cry. Immediately afterwards, I had an unforgettable trip through the Nikau Cave and the sound kept playing in my head till it became this song.

Becoming Genius. My mother passed on a great love of literature and of Jane Eyre in particular. I have also been fascinated by the lives of the Bronte sisters and wrote this song after my first visit to the parsonage at Haworth, where they lived and wrote.

I Sing Because. The words are by Rakesh Bhanot and describe perfectly why we sing, even if there is no audience. I am delighted to be joined in this track by my daughter Niamh McElhill, carrying on the musical tradition.

Headin' Down the Road. This is inspired by another author my mother introduced me to – Anne Tyler. This is from her book Ladder of Years, where a perfectly ordinary grandmother just walks away from her family....and keeps walking. I have to say, I have never felt like that!

Footprints in the Snow. This is also inspired by the Brontes and by the fact that they broke the mould for female writers. We maybe forget what a sensation they caused in their day, enabling others to follow on.

James Grant has produced this album, one of the most renowned and respected musicians Scotland has produced. He is well known for his work with Love and Money and, as well as his solo career, has worked regularly with Karen Mathieson and Donald Shaw. Also featured on the album are cellist Maya Burman-Roy of the Hallelujah Quartet and percussionist Signy Jakobsdottir. Pauline's daughter, Niamh McElhill also features on Track 9, 'I Sing Because'.


"An album that quietly touches on female empowerment, not letting anyone stop our light from shining and staying true to yourself. It's a gift that keeps on giving."

"Varied song menu. My favourite track I Sing Because....expresses the vital need to sing for so many of us and completes a fine album". A Must Listen from Folk London

"This is an album of heartfelt songs that make good stories. The pleasant little melodies set up a positive vibe that endures throughout." RnR Magazine

"A lovey album with gentle, yet captivating story-telling, it explores the theme of legacy." darrensmusicblog

"A feeling of warmth, support and often celebration runs through this set of songs. Pauline Vallance considers our human legacy, with her writing and singing finding joy in the ordinary lives of people who are quietly special and worth celebrating. Choosing just one track as a taster for this album was a challenge, I could have gone for any of the eleven tracks". Time Past and Time Passing.