NEW RELEASE! My new album The World's a Gift is available to download or stream using the link below. Or contact me for a CD! The album explores the issue of legacy - what important ideas and values did our parents pass on to us and what will we pass on to our children? It was produced by the wonderful James Grant, supported by Creative Scotland and features some amazing musicians, including my daughter Niamh McElhill on Track 9. For more information, go to The World's a Gift Tracks.

The World's a Gift

My album Blue Leaves is alsoavailable online, links below. It is now available in CD format also. Please contact me if you would like to order that. It has 10 original tracks, all written in the latter part of 2020, in collaboration with writer Rakesh Bhanot.



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You can now buy my first CD online. It's called Songs, Spells and Salsa Moves. It contains 10 original tracks, which you can purchase individually if you want. Highlights include prizewinning song This Working Life, country and western number You Rub Me Up the Wrong Way on the Cheesegrater of Life, Two Sugars and the infamous X Factor Song. You can buy or stream through the following links.